On my way back from hiking in Patagonia, I had a layover in Santiago, Chile. Luckily, there were several Priority Pass lounges in the international terminal of Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport. My boyfriend and I decided to check out the Salones VIP Pacific Club. I didn’t have my Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass card on me but the desk attendant was able to manually enter my number to let us in.

Compared to the lounge at the Punta Arenas airport, this lounge was massive. There was plenty of seating with about four or five different seating areas. It was easy to get a whole bay of seats to yourself since there was plenty of seating and not too many people in the lounge when we arrived.

Some of the seating areas had some tables for eating. There were plenty of TVs scattered throughout the lounge.

There was a quiet room with dimmed lighting and recliners.

There was also a small business center. As the lounge started to fill up, the computer area was filled with kids playing computer games. This lounge definitely had its fair share of families with children which is less relaxing for the rest of us.

There were two areas with food and beverages. There was a self-serve bar with lots of liquor options and an array of Chilean wines.

There were also coffee and juice machines in addition to a selection of canned juices and sodas.

The food wasn’t great but they did bring out new offerings every 45-minutes or so. There were some finger sandwiches, fruit, salads, cookies, and pastries.

Here’s the second beverage area near the lounge entrance.

This was the food item that most resembled a dinner. It was pretty tasty but I’ve definitely had better tortellini. 

I appreciated that the bathrooms were singles. It’s definitely nice to have some privacy.

Final Thoughts

This was a decent sized lounge with a good selection of beverages but the food was just okay. I liked that I was able to essentially have my own private room since there was a lot of space to spread out. The lounge started to get crowded later on in the night which made the experience less enjoyable. I also noticed that the WiFi barely worked as more people came into the lounge. All in all, it was a nice place to pass the time before our flight back to the United States. Since there are multiple Priority Pass lounges at the Santiago airport, I think I’ll try another lounge before heading back to the Salones VIP Pacific Club.

Have you tried any of the Priority Pass lounges at the airport in Santiago, Chile?

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